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Shinsuke Aso

Born in Gunma, Japan in 1979

2004 School of Visual Arts, New York, BFA
2000 Kitakanto School of Fine Arts, Gunma, Japan, Communication Design / Fine Arts
Solo exhibitions
2014 “Untitled” Dubrovnik Contemporary, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2012 “SAPC Bushwick” Agape Enterprise, New York
2008 “SAPC” MINUS SPACE, New York
2006 “Self Service” Maebashi Cultural Institute, Gumma, Japan
2006 “Fun Life” Ya-man’s Gallery, Gunma, Japan
2003 “Yoshii - New York” Maebashi Cultural Institute, Gunma, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 "Sets. Stationary, Throbbing." RUSCHWOMAN, Chicago

2022 "50 seconds" soda, Kyoto / Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (2023)

2021 "I Didn't Lick It" Bruton Museum, UK

2020 "Winter Show" Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo

​2018 "メルド彫刻の先の先" Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo

2014 "Stolen Names" Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto

2014 "Miss Kilman and She Were Terrible Together" The Hills Esthetic Center, Chicago

2013 "Cashing Out" Nurture Art, New York

​2013 "RED / BLUE / GREEN" Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo

​2012 "... Is This Free?" Nurture Art, New York

​2011 “Instructions – Call & Response” Antenna, New Orleans
2011 “Poste Concret” ParisCONCRET, Paris
2011 “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt” MASS MoCA, Massachusetts
2010 “touch” ParisCONCRET, Paris
2010 “Palling Around with Socialists” U-turn Art Space, Cincinnati, Ohio
2010 “36 Dramatic Situations” Louis V. E.S.P., New York
2010 “WHITE NIGHT” Markus Winter Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2009 “DON’T FLEE THE ART MARKET!” Postmasters Gallery, New York
2009 “Local, Ethica” Ya-man’s Gallery, Gunma, Japan
2009 “Octet” Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 “EXHIBITION” 211 Elizabeth St. New York
2008 “Metro Poles, Art in Action” Bronx River Art Center, New York
2008 “MINUS SPACE” PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York
2008 “No Thing Impossible” Tobey Fine Arts, New York
2008 “Mapping Correspondence” The Center for Book Arts, New York
2007 “2 Late 2 Hate 2” The Showroom, New York
2007 “Subspecies” Tobey Fine Arts, New York
2005 “New Labor” Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York
2005 “Urban Heroes and Heroines” Stacy Stewart Smith Gallery, New York
2005 “Contact” Visual Arts Gallery, New York
2004 “At Maebashi” Maebashi Cultural Institute, Gunma, Japan,
2004 “Do a Book” Plum Blossoms Gallery, New York
2004 “REFUSE” Flux Factory, New York
2004 “Poets of Miniature” Office OPS, New York
2002 “Without Much Attention” Maebashi Cultural Institute, Gunma, Japan
2000 “Site, Gumma” Kankodo Gallery, Gunma, Japan
1998 “Nantonaku” Runkai Gallery, Gunma, Japan

Public Collection
The Center for Book Arts
2004 Half space Grant, half space
2013 New York Arts Magazine, Art and Ageism: The Decisive Eye of Fellow Artists

2012 The Brooklyn Paper, August 24

2012 The Brooklyn Paper, August 3

​2010 MASCARA #21, Functional, Somehow. Issue
2010 Forté, Issue 01
2009 Jomo Shinbun, December 5
2009 HANDS ON, Issue #1, Heavy Petting
2008 NYFA Current
2008, Critic’s Picks, May
2006 ReadyMade Magazine #24, “The Travel Issue”
2006 Jomo Shinbun, January 30
2006 Mainichi Shinbun, January 24
2006 Jomo Shinbun, January 19
2005 Shifter Magazine #6, “Surface Tension”
2003 That Magazine #11 “Cartoon Issue”
2003 Jomo Shinbun, July 9

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